About Wooly Donut!


Hi! My name is Jess ! (My full name is actually Jessica, but my readers can call me Jess, haha) I’m the person behind your computer/laptop/tablet/phone screen! Nice to meet you =).

WoolyDonut.com is a crocheting blog that offers free ánd paid patterns. It is also mainly to show the world the things that I have made, and the things you can order from me to make for you! That means, there is a possibillity to request your own home made crocheted goodies by WoolyDonut! For that you can click on the request page in the top right corner =)
I started with this blog in March 2014, but started somewhere in the summer of 2013 with crocheting. I got hooked hah. I got many awesome comments on my work, and since then I wanted to share it with the world! It didn’t take long for that actually happened, now my goal is to get more visitors and requests!

This blog‘s home is (apart from on the internet) in the Netherlands. I will go to market’s and mostly promote my website in this area, but international fans/request are certainly very very welcome! Also, you don’t have to wait long for updates. I post when I have cool new patterns to share, or when I have started or finished a new project! Minimum will be one post a week. So you can count on that already!


That was about me!