Hello Hippopotamusses!


Today I started my second Charley the Hippopotamus! (This time it’s Charlaine)

The featured image is the first one. It was one of my first projects, and made me fall in love with maxigurumi crocheting, haha. This Hippo is from a book also called Maxigurumi. (Max + Amigurumi, which is a Japanese style crocheting.) Actually the only difference between ‘normal’ croccheting and amigurumi, is qontinuing tours without closing them off with a slip stitch. Often you should use a safety pin or little thread to remind you where the tour ends/ begins. Anyway!


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This time it was easier to make for me, since i already made another one with the same pattern! I did some things way better than the first time. Also because i’ve learned and im better now. (The brown hippo was one of the first crocheting projects i ever did, i was still learning.) The first Hippo lives at the atelier, but the second one is a gift for who is going to have a baby. Funny thing is, I finish these animal projects too fast. (It’s fun) That woman isn’t even on maternity leave yet! hah. Hopefully I won’t get too attached to her (the hippopotamus) when she lives in my house for a while.


UPDATE 15-4-2014:



Meet Charlaine the Hippo! Charley’s sister is finally finished and she is super cute~ I can’t keep her for ever, because she will be adopted by a new human on this world, in a while. The featured image is her, i know her eyes are crooked but i just can’t seem to get them right, ever. Look at Charley, didn’t happen there either. Charlaine is better though, I have more experience and everything is just done better. The filling is also better and Now I finally can last-moment focus on easter mini projects.

UPDATE 8-9-2014

Baby with Hippo


Look at this super cute baby. We found out that his mommy is moving to Aruba! Wow! That is certainly far away, and she decided to take the hippopotamus with her luckily. (How couldn’t she haha) Hopefully they all will live a happy life with Hippo! Bye bye! (Somehow that makes me kind of sad)


Moving Hippopotamus


(PS: The Caterpillar is also from the Maxigurumi book, See here; Hoooked Maxigurumi Book)

See you next post!