Hello Easter Chicks =)

I have found some Easter-themed crochet patterns. Some are really cool and easy, such as a multi colored easter bunny! Will make that one, and post about it. (Don’t know when, I have many ongoing projects (post-less). At least before easter. This year, haha. I also have made egg- hats in different colors (Post will come later also)
I will probably make alot more easter stuff, and posts about the ones I make, but I don’t want to leave behind the ones I’m not going to make. So here is a compilation of Easter-themed crocheting patterns!

Chick crochet pattern


Originally i had a few Dutch patterns in my browser saved up, but since i decided to make my blog english, I have looked up a few english patterns for you english crocheters. One day I will learn how to englishify dutch patterns, so the other good ones can be shared with the rest of the world =) (I already found a good way to learn the abbrevations, the easter bunny has pictures with the pattern.  So here are they:

English Crochet Patterns:

Easter Bunny
Easter Eggs
Easter Basket (With a bunny, carrots, a blanket and more)
Beautiful Bunny


Dutch Crochet Patterns:

Easter Bunny
Easter Bunny 2
Easter Basket
Egg hats


So have fun crocheting before easter! I know It’s a little late to start a big project but the egg hats and bunny are do able, even if you have work during the day, try to relax in the evening! (To me crocheting is relaxing too, what do you readers think?)