Hello Catterpillars =)

This is a project I started at the atelier where I work. It took me a lot of time to finish this, mainly because the round shapes were too easy and boring so couldn’t make myself do it, and I was busy with other stuff at the atelier too. I took everything home some day and it just laid there in a bag waiting to be made for a few months.(Awwwww) Then, not so long ago, I decided to finish it. Above’s the result!

Eyes are weird on the top picture, but in real life it looks better. I made it for the son of someone I know. I gave it to her and she was so extremely happy, that it made me happy =) Hopefully all the balls stay together because some may not have been stitched so tight to the next one. Haven’t spoken to her since though so i don’t know =)

Have a nice Tuesday!

2013-11-13 09.40.16

See you next post!