Hello Cupcakes!

Another finished project. I got a little package with a book and material from my boyfriend on how to make little cupcakes. Too bad they only had enough material to make one specific cupcake, with specific colors. I didn’t like that, at that time I didn’t like to make anything with a crotchet hook below 7 mm. So I grabbed some nice looking wool that I already had and started to make one big cupcake. After some nice complements on its cuteness soon a father cupcake formed by my wool and hands. Seeing that it looked like a father and a mother, I had to make children. 2 little cupcake children. Not as small as it originally should have been, just crotchet hook 7 with a little adjustments to the pattern and it turned out as I wanted.

The results:

Too bad I kinda forgot at the time to make a picture of the father cupcake, but oh well, you can see it. I don’t have any pictures of the progress =(
Wool from Action, Zeeman or other cheap stores and some Hoooked (The orange/white and the blue/lighter blue)

See you next post~