Hello Grannies!  =)

I’ve been away from the crochet world for various reasons. (Meaning I didnt make anything at all) But now I’m back!
I started some little things, first i made some flowers (Post will follow later), and then some granny squares before I found a granny circle/ mandala pattern. (Alot of cool patterns with that, maybe a granny square pattern list will come some time, i have one square that is kind of 3D-ish..)

Here are pictures of the Granny Circles i made:

[nggallery id=11]

The bigger blue one and pink one are for my mother =)

And now I’m making a Yellow/Orange/Darker Orange/Pink one, same pattern as the Blue header picture. Here a picture:


The original pattern is just a simple one, You can find it here: Granny Mandala
But the one I made is different, looks better in my opinion =) I decided to not PDF my patterns again, since it takes alot of time (Im a perfectionist) and with that also makes me not post again as you may have noticed.

Here it is (In Dutch):
Hij krult een beetje op maar niet heel erg dus, als je weet hoe je het anders kan doen laat het me weten.
Maak een magische ring.
(Kl1)Toer 01: 2 stokjes, 1 losse herhalen tot je 6x 2 stokjes hebt.
(Kl1)Toer 02: In elke losse 2 st. 1l. 2 st. 1l. (12x 2st.)
(Kl2)Toer 03: In elke losse 3 st. 1l. (12x 3st.)
(Kl2)Toer 04: In elke losse 3 st. 1l. (12x 3st.)
(Kl3)Toer 05: In elke losse 3 st. 1l. 3 st. 1l. (24x 3st.)
(Kl3)Toer 06: In elke losse 3 st. 1l. (24x 3st.)
(Kl4)Toer 07: In elke steek een v.
(Kl1)Toer 08: In elke v. 1 v.
(Kl2)Toer 09: In elke v. 1 v.
(Kl4)Toer 10: In de 1e v. 3 st. 1l. dan 2 v. overslaan en weer 3 st. 1l. herhalen tot eind.
(Kl4)Toer 11: In elke l. 3 st.
(Kl3)Toer 12: In elke steek 1v.
(Kl2)Toer 13: In elke v, 1v.
(Kl3)Toer 14: Nu word het leuk. 2 v., 2 halve st., 2 st., 2 dubbele st., 2 driedubbele st., 2 dubbele st., 2 st., 2 halve st., herhalen tot eind.
(Kl4)Toer 15: In de 2 vasten van de vorige toer elk 2 vasten (dus 4 in totaal), dan 1 vaste in elke steek tot de driedubbele stokjes van de vorige toer, daar weer 2x 2 vasten (dus 4 in totaal) Herhalen tot eind, afhechten, klaaaaar.

Maybe I will Make this one in english for you but I don’t know when i actually have time to figure it all out. So for the dutchies, have fun! For the englishies have fun with the regular Mandala =D

That was it for this post~