It’s almost Halloween! I should hurry and make a lot of Halloween and Fall decorations. But first! This heart basket, it is actually Valentine’s day themed, but ofcourse also possible to make any other day for yourself or someone you love =)


Heart basket

I found this heart basket ‘tutorial’ online between my other pinterest posts and immediately liked it and made it. (For the pinterest users, here is my account: Click here. It doesn’t have a lot of pins yet, but follow me or my boards and be sure of great crochet projects, haha) I also saw this pattern on the Hoooked website before, but it was paid, and I don’t really pay for patterns alot unless I really want them and can’t find them elsewhere on the internet for free. In this case i did find it free on the internet which means I have this pattern for you in a simple picture tutorial form. (I could write the pattern down for you people, but I am too lazy hahah, if anyone wants it, just ask in a comment and I will make it for you.) If you’re used to written patterns like me it may be a little anoying but nothing is more fun than trying new things!


heart basket
You can find the pattern for this cute basket here. (Click Here) It’s very easy to follow, but leaves some parts out so you have to look closely to see which kind of stitch you should use and how many of them. Dont make too many stitches or the bottom ‘corner’ will be too far out of place. Have fun crocheting and don’t forget to follow me on Facebook and Pinterest.


This is my final result: The top pictures looks more like a heart though.

heart basket
PS. You can always request anything I make in posts, on the request page, I will make one for you (That looks better than this one, since this was the first one haha) and send it to you!

See you again next post!