Hello Giraffes!

I crocheted alot since my last post, the first of several posts, Giraffe Kwang-Soo!

The pattern of this cute animal, sadly only was used to fill up my patterns folder. I didn’t have the materials to make him at home, but the atelier did! I brought the pattern with me to a crocheting workshop when I got told to make it as an example for the store. Meanwhile also helping my fellow crocheters with stitches and whatnot. At that time i only got to finish a little part. But since the colors attracted me so much i couldnt finish it faster then what i did, in only a few hours! (Spread over a few days, ofcourse.)

You will see, he’s different from other giraffe’s. Luckyly the other giraffe’s accept him for who he is, whatever color he is, yay!


[nggallery id=12]


Since I made Kwang Soo for the atelier I work at, it now sits there with his friends Charley and Piglet, sadly I couldn’t bring it home..

If you’re wondering who Lee Kwang Soo actually is here’s his wikipedia page. He is one of the main team on Running Man, a Korean variety show.


~See you next post ~


(ps: I got the pattern from the mother of a friend, and so i have no idea where you can find it,  I’m sorry! No pattern today.)