Hey Squids!

Here’s a little multi colored squid for Charity! It is a project i started at the atelier, and took me some more time to finish than i usually need. This was the first thing after long time I crocheted with a hook smaller than 7 mm haha. (2,50 mm) It took me longer because the tentacles are mind killing. It is a lot of work. First you need to chain 50, then single crochet 2 in every one, times 10. That means 1000 stitches total. (Unless you made a mistake and made 12 tentacles like me haha.) I know that projects are alot more stitches but doing the same thing over and over again is boring. I usually watch tv and crochet the boring parts at the same time, saves time with the series you want to watch and multitasking is fun.


Here are a few pictures of him.

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For Charity

This little squid is made for babies that are born too early and they can’t leave the hospital yet. Usually when they’re in the hospital they have a lot of strings and all kinds of stuff attached to them. Sometimes they pull it and to prevent that, someone decided to make a squid with tentacles, so they can pull them in stead of the hospital stuff. I think its a good and fun idea! (It even had an article in the newspaper)
We haven’t sent this one in yet, because we want to use it as an example for people so they buy the yarn and pattern to make one too.

I only have the pattern in dutch, found on the internet, I can’t edit the PDF so here’s the ugly version:

Inktvis Patroon NL

=) See you next post