Hi Shoppers!~

Apparently it’s a thing to crochet around hard-plastic shopper bags. I always saw uncrocheted bags around the atelier, but I never actually wondered how it should be done.. Until today. We just randomly came up with the idea to make one, instead of doing the things that should be done haha. My day started good because of this project, since it was so fun to do!


shopper bag



It was hard at first, the shopper bag gets in the way, you don’t know where to put the needle, how to hold everything or make the yarn attached to the bag. Luckily it did work out after some practice. After doing one side, I totally hated the way it looked, and pulled everything out again. With that included i’ve worked on one side for 1 hour, so expect it to take some of your time. The other side was done very quickly in 30 minutes. (That is probably because you need to practice at first.)


Half finished bag


After that I crocheted around the top, and after that the handles. Those things did not take alot of time. I think you can finish this project in about 3 to 4 hours, depending on your crocheting speed or learning speed in general. I did not finish it in the 3 hours I was at the atelier. (Maybe also because of the tea and chatting) But ofcourse time doesn’t matter when you’re having fun, and it’s certainly fun to do!


My finished bag


You can also weave or macramé around the shopper bag, but I crocheted it. (More because I was introduced to it in that way, didn’t realise at first it could be done otherwise.) It is smart to crochet/weave/macramé it with Hoooked or other yarn that matches crochet hook ~8 or 9~ (Bigger is better if you dont want to see the actual plastic bag.) If you don’t want to see the bag at all you can best, crochet it twice, or macramé/weave around it, ignoring the squares. (Thinking outside of the bo…squares hah.)


[nggallery id=13]


If you want me to make one for you, soon there will be a page with information about crocheting requests. If you cant wait, you can send me an email trough the contact page.

If you want to make one yourself, the only site I know that sells the shopper bags is Hoooked . They also have yarn you can use for this project, or complete sets with a pattern and the yarn. Take a look around the website, they have way more fun crocheting stuff.)


That was it for today, see you next post~