Hello Teddybears!

I got a new Project from the Atelier where I work at. A real teddy fuzzilli bear made with Hoooked’s Fuzzilli! His name is Borzo and It’s incredibly cute, I can’t wait to finish it. I’m a little further that the top picture now. But I already got the filling so I can finish it! (To be honest It’s not that much work, but the middle part is boring so that takes me longer to actually do. I’m somewhere in the middle now so this part is almost over.)




The atelier ordered a different color but got a lighter version instead, she couldn’t send it back and they didn’t have the good color anymore, so I got to make it! Im happy about it because i’ve had my eyes on that project for a while, a home made teddy bear, how awesome is that.

It’s getting big already, did not expect that. At first I couldn’t see where to put the crochet hook because of the fuzz in the fuzilli haha, And so I couldn’t continue, but after a week and a half of not going to the atelier, I’m back and she told me how to look and see the v’s.

Now i got used to it and it’s easy as everything else, so if you start with this, don’t do it while it’s dark and just try again before giving up on the material (which is what i almost did) The Pattern for this bear is not free,  only available as a paid download. You can also order a package with the fuzzilli in it, or just the file and make it with other material. Click here for the Pattern Bear ,Or here for a package with materials Package Bear.


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SO. I continued the bear already! I finished the body, head, front paws and outside of the ears already. Only the parts with the lighter colored fuzzilli I didnt make yet, because i forgot to bring it at the time. Now i continued the hippo so the bear has to wait (Aww) So many projects already, and easter coming up!

Will update again when finished or almost finished =)


Update 2:

It now sits half-finished at the atelier because the pattern was wrong. (Yes, really, it wasn’t my fault) Fuzilli is incredibly hard to un-crochet? if you pull to hard the string around the threads will break. So both of us are too busy with other stuff to start such an annoying task. It’s sad though.


See you next post!