Hey! Long time no see!


Little while ago I was browsing the internet for good sites for patterns, and I found a beautiful mandala pattern. I love mandala’s and I love stars, so this one was made for me. It is very very colorful which always attracts me in the first place.


Like I didn’t have enough projects going, I started this beautiful mandala between everything else. I didn’t finish it immediately, but it took some time and layed around everywhere until I finally finished it yesterday. The pattern is a little hard and it takes some time to really make it look the way it should. (meanwhile I also found out i should use 3mm hook and not 2.50mm to make it stay flat. Also ironed it and it still curls up in the first few rounds but It’s not that bad.) You have to look where to put the crochet hook, in the front loop or the back loop or both. Also it’s a lot of repeating and the last few rounds will get a bit of a drag. Read the pattern word for word and just pull out if it’s not right. Hopefully you will make less mistakes than I did. haha.


Mandala 1 Mandala 2


I know it took a long time before I posted something. I really said to myself just put up a post that says ongoing project but I just didnt do it. (Busy busy busy!) Here it finally is though, hope you guys are happy. I certainly was when i found this mandala!


There is a written pattern and a round by round picture pattern made by the same person.

Written Pattern
Picture by Picture Pattern


See you next post!