Welcome on the Wooly Donut Home Page. On my website you can find (Mostly free, some paid) Crochet Patterns in all forms, sizes and colors. You will find here, Amigurumi’s, scarfs, beanies en blankets, blogs and patterns! Have fun, and do comment =)


This part of the site and blog, are in English. But there is also a Dutch version! You can click on the dutch flag on the top left if you want to see and/or read it. On the dutch site there will be dutch versions of all blog posts and patterns. But also! When there’s an Event, or a Crochet Along mainly in Dutch, I will probably only post it there. Sowwy!


I wanted an English site because I don’t want to limit myself only to this country, I want to share my blogs and patterns with the whole world!  If you are from an other country, i’d love to know!


Have fun

~ Jess